We Trade

Our core expertise lies in the trading of diverse commodities, with a primary focus on Sugar (of any type) and Sugar Syrup, alongside a robust presence in Grains, Pulses, Petrochemicals, Gas, Oil, Stainless Steel and a range of other commodities.

White Crystal Sugar / Sparkling White Double Refined Superfine Suger / Confectionery Sugar / Liquid Sugar Syrup and all other byprodcts like East, Ethabol, etc…

We are pleased to express our strong connection with reputable sugar factories in Brazil, enabling us to offer a reliable and consistent supply of sugar throughout the year. We currently have a quota for up to 300,000 metric tons per month, and we have already secured contracts with five esteemed Brazilian companies. Our sugar specifications include ICUMSA 45, 100, 150, as well as ICUMSA 600-1200 and various sugar by-products.

As the second-largest exporter of sugar in the world, India boasts a strong position in the global sugar market. We take pride in our ability to ensure fast delivery within 2 weeks, owing to our strategic partnerships with five prominent Indian sugar factories.

Other Food Commodities

Cooking Oil
Sunflower / Plam / Soya / Corn

Wheat & Wheat Flour
All Purpose & Household

Yellow Corn (Maize)
Human Consumption NON-GMO / Animal Feed NON-GMO


Soya Beans

Full Cream Milk / Skim Milk Powder

Chicken & Eggs

Frozen Meat

Non-Food Commodities


Rock Phosphate

Petroleum Products